Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to Redeem Steam Wallet Codes and How to Gift Steam Games

If you haven't been checking my YouTube channel, you might have missed my guide on how to redeem Steam Wallet Codes and how to gift Steam games from the Steam UI. Here's the video:

The entire process is easy as pie. Enjoy!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to Improve Your Game's Graphics and/or Performance Via the Nvidia Control Panel

 Ever wondered how you can further ramp up your game's graphics outside the in-game options menu? Or despaired about how you can ever get a stable enough framerate that won't burn your eyes?

Here's a video on how to go about doing either of the above:

Here's the file the video refers to (right-click and open in new tab to enlarge):

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

(Limited) Freeware Turns ANY Headphones into 7.1 Surround Sound Systems

I haven't posted here in quite a while but I'm pretty active on my YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Anyway, I've recently uploaded a video about Razer's amazing limited freeware offer: the Razer Surround.

This cool downloadable emulator transforms ordinary headphones and earphones into veritable, compact 7.1 surround home theater systems. It's very easy to use, requiring only that you register for a Razer Synapse account, which is not unlike Valve's Steam and EA's Origin content delivery platforms.

You can download Razer Surround for free until December 31, 2013. After that, the freeware offer ends and you've to pay $19.99. (Razer is currently giving this away with a donation option that users can opt in; proceeds will go to Child's Play Charity.) Downloading and installing the thing binds it to your Razer Synapse account, very much like Steam and Origin games; you won't have to shell out cash when 2014 arrives.

Here's the video:

Where to download, how to install, and how to calibrate--everything is covered in the video.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Freeware Foray: Cry of Fear

Horror games for the PC are a dime a dozen. However, horror games that are free AND have garnered awards AND a large following are hard to come by. Enter Cry of Fear, a freeware survival horror Half-Life (ONE) mod that has now been converted into a standalone free-to-play PC first-person shooter.

This is very exciting news for me as free game downloads have always been a passion. To discover that a game I initially couldn't play (given that I've never bought the very first Half-Life) has now been released as a standalone is news indeed.

You might wonder what the fuss is all about with this free to play offering. Well:

That got your attention. 

I've been immensely entertained by this survival horror romp---and also immensely frustrated by its bugs. Currently, the game intermittently crashes every 20 minutes or so and this sorry state has proven to be a major pain to my progress. I'll post a review soon as I'm done with this game. 

Video and links to the freeware game after the jump.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Strategy Bytes: League of Legends: Kayle Guide: Tips, Strategies, and Gameplay Videos

[Updated: March 17,2013: Added a second (Ranked Game) video and replaced the Match History screenshot with an updated one (+1 victory; see below).] 

I've started putting up League of Legends videos.Here's the first one ( I'll flesh this out in the following days):

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