Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Twitter Today: Nov 15, 2010

I've been busy these days playing so many freeware strategy games that I'm behind my schedule. The last time I made a proper review was when I discussed Cursed Treasure, a Flash-based free tower defense game.

To update followers on what's going on in the PC gaming industry, I've decided to launch "Twitter Today," (hopefully) daily updates on what PC gaming experts/websites are saying.

The very first IMBACORE Twitter Today after the jump (A guide on how to play a League of Legends hero! Tribes Universe! All Points Bulletin! Can you say "it's raining MMOFPSs!"?):

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Tribes Universe - The Tribes series just refuses to die. After a slew of lackluster jetpack-based (and other FPS-Z) games, up comes the news that a new MMOFPS is being developed, this time bearing the name of the franchise. (Kudos to Gamespot member MatrixKing giving me a heads-up.)

F.E.A.R. 3 - Launch date revealed: March 22, 2011. The developers of Armored Core are manning the helm this time. Let's hope the horror PC FPS doesn't get buried under a ton of walking tanks designed like those of Mechwarrior's.

Gamespot's Call of Duty Black Ops Game Guide - "Full campaign walkthrough, multiplayer tips, and more." 'Nuff said.

IGN's The History of Halo - For the game's 9th anniversary, IGN delves into the history of the bestselling franchise.

Gamespot's Call of Duty: Then and Now
- Gamespot goes back through time and compares screenshots of four of the best selling Call of Duty games: Black Ops, World at War, and Modern Warfare 1 and 2.

TenTonHammer's League of Legends' Sona Guide - The gaming website just released a guide on how to play Sona, a new "ranged support" hero in the RTS League of Legends (a PC strategy game made in the vein of Defense of the Ancients)

All Points Bulletin - This MMOFPS made waves this year --- the tragic saga of an overhyped game that flopped on its release. Now it's even making more ripples across the gamingverse --- its new publisher is making the game free to play!

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

InstantAction.com Closes

And with it dies a spiritual successor of Tribes 2, a (now) freeware PC multiplayer game. It's sad as I was hoping Fallen Empire: Legions would attract a large following of gamers looking for free, competitive first-person shooter games.

The empire has really fallen. This time though, there will be no legions to rise from the ashes.

The news after the jump.

>>>See Gamespot's article about the shutdown here

>>>More free PC first-person shooter games HERE

>>>Honing your APM more your thing? See more freeware PC strategy games HERE

>>>Or would you rather play free PC RPG games?

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Heavenwarz' Supreme Commander Replay Videos With Commentary

One of the things I like about Supreme Commander is that it doesn't require as much APM (actions per minute) as other PC strategy games nowadays. While I'm not bashing Warcraft 3, there are days when I want to play a strategy game that really depends on strategy and not on how fast your fingers fly across the keyboard.

Supreme Commander, with its slow-moving units and maps that span kilometers, fits this type of gameplay. Add to this a futuristic theme and lumbering super units that tower over everything else, and you've got a PC RTS that will make your eyes bug out.

The following are replays uploaded by Heavenwarz (the second part can be found after the jump). The videos have commentaries detailing what each player's role was and the scenarios that unfolded that forced them to switch tactics.

Giant robots, the push for air superiority, covert tactics, in-your-face assaults --- the whole thing is beautiful:

Part 2---and a commentary about how to do a rush---after the jump.

A Supreme Commander rush replay:

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Imbacore Tweet: Nov 2

This new batch of mice have improved pathfinding. I lay down traps, they take another route. IceFrog should hire whoever made the patch.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Supreme Commander Intro

Spent three hours this afternoon pulverizing metal, shattering optics, and melting silicon Chris Taylor style.

The scope of Supreme Commander's battles is just staggering. I'll do a skirmish video one of these days. In the meantime here's the intro vid of the spiritual successor of Total Annihilation (I tweaked this video using VirtualDub):

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