Sunday, February 22, 2009

Downloadable Free PC FPS Multiplayer Shooter: TribesNext - Full Game Tribes 2

That got your attention.

Whoa, what's with this week? I just made an article about the free FPS multiplayer shooter Starsiege: Tribes and now, out pops this news that some fans just made a patch for Tribes 2 that makes it playable even without the game's original master servers.

That's right fellas, one of the most unique PC first-person shooter games is now a free FPS multiplayer shooter. (The link to the free game is found below.)

310 players online (12:40pm, GMT +8). Not bad for a downloadable free PC FPS multiplayer shooter.

While the premise of the entire Tribes series borders on the ridiculous (Why on earth will you outfit your troops with sets of power armor that no doubt will gobble massive amounts of resources and then send them up to the skies where they can easily be picked off by enemy fire? Also, why did a civilization come up with the idea that guns with slow-moving projectiles are more efficient?), it makes up for gameplay that's so unique as it introduced a vertical element to the PC FPS genre. The series is the Homeworld of PC first-person shooter games.

How is this free FPS multiplayer shooter fun you ask? See the video below:

Uploaded by mrwynd. Video made by a member of Team Vanguard. Shows vehicular combat and mid-air kills.

Tribes 2 introduces more vehicles and larger maps. It's also --- like its predecessor, Starsiege: Tribes --- predominantly a team-based capture-the-flag multiplayer shooter; opposing teams protect their flag while trying to get the enemies'. Think of it as a game like soccer. However, here, there are two "soccer balls" (the flags), no goals, and to score, you must have your "ball" in your base and touch it with your enemies' "ball."

WTH. That came out sounding wrong.

Anyway, it's not easy as you think as getting the enemies' "ball" entails that you have to rush headlong into the other "soccer players" who are guarding their "ball." And ohboy, are they are armed. The majority of them will be armed with spinfusors --- guns that shoot discs of such explosive power that if one hits you, it's gonna rip your power armor to shreds and blow you to kingdom come.

Here's a video explaining the basic premise of the downloadable free PC FPS multiplayer shooter. (A capper's role is to get the enemies' flag. They usually don light armor.)

A video explaining the gameplay of Tribes 2. T2Darlantan, the uploader, does an excellent commentary on how the game is played and the strategies a team comes up with to try to win a match.

A TribesNext video, showing the current state of the game. Nothing has been changed of course. It still is Tribes 2.


A Newbie's Guide - forum post detailing the various ships, base assets, and weapons available in the downloadable free PC FPS multiplayer shooter. Also contains definitions of common Tribes 2 jargon.

Installation Screenshot Walkthrough
- forum post detailing how to install the downloadable free PC FPS multiplayer shooter.

TribesNext Official Site - Download the free PC FPS multiplayer shooter here.

Happy gaming! Shazbot!

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Logan said...

Awesome! I'll check this out for sure.

Shazbot said...

Of course. The very first Tribes was hailed by Gamespot as one of its "Greatest Games of All Time." Have fun and thanks for the comment!

priyank said...

nice game

Shazbot said...

That's putting it lightly. The game is team-based and has bases complete with generators, force fields, and defensive turrets. Its only downside is its learning curve that might discourage those who are looking for a quick shooting fix.

More free FPS here:

Happy gaming!