Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tweakguides' Article About Computer CPU Upgrades

After several weeks, the owner of Tweakguides has finally released his "Hardware Confusion 2009" article, which discusses the "set of guidelines and considerations" the author follows everytime he does a computer CPU upgrades.

Actually, the "computer CPU upgrade" in the title is a misnomer. I intentionally placed it there as, strangely, a lot of people erroneously consider the entire ivory/black rectangular things as "CPUs." The article is very much comprehensive, it covers all the aspects of his computer system that were up for upgrading --- memory, CPU, video card, motherboard, and yes, even the power supply unit.

The finished computer system after the upgrade is powered by a Core i7 CPU, Intel's latest family of central processing units.

Part of the article as it appears in Tweakguides

If you've ever asked the question "How do I upgrade my PC?" this article is a must-read.

>>> The article


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Thanks. Wait til you read the Tweakguides article ;)