Monday, November 23, 2009

League of Legends - Wife Ownage

[Updated: Changed the title. Putting up posts when you're bleary-eyed is a bad idea.]

My friends and I played League of Legends this night. This was the first time the session was done in a cafe so we had some good fun. Add the fact that my wife killed me twice, it was a blast.

Click the pics for a more detailed view. (Read the lines haha!)

But even though the cold from your still beating heart....

...already killed me twice/And even though the cold from your eyes makes me freeze/all the time....

One more pic after the jump.

....I still carry on and/I still walk around and/I still feel the warming glow/Shining somewhere in the future, shining not so far away!

We won! Pikat to the love of my life. Beeeee! :D :D

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

League of Legends "Server UNAVAILABLE Are you Connected to the Internet?" Problem - How to Solve

One of the prime reasons I go out and buy a PC strategy game is if I see that the video game gets massive support from its developers. League of Legends, one of the best free PC strategy games I've come across, gets periodic patches from the Riot staff (whose ranks include the creators of the Warcraft strategy mod DotA). This downloadable freeware PC real-time strategy game gets balance tweaks, additional champions, and other doodads like skins from time to time.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are problems with its patcher.

So are you getting this?

It's downloading and the error message is driving you nuts.

The solution after the jump.

Select the launcher then press UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT UP UP DOWN DOWN. Enjoy the free PC strategy game. You also will have 30 lives and the megashells power up.

Contra never looked so good.

Seriously though, it works.

The solution was provided by the devs themselves.

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Downloadable PC Full Version Freeware Real-Time Strategy (RTS) League of Legends - Installers

Found out that there are two types of installers for the game --- US and UK. I alerted the LoL developers with a query.

I've also updated my previous post; I've added the download link for the US version.

The download links (to the US and UK versions and a tutorial video) after the jump.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Downloadable PC Full Version Freeware Real-Time Strategy (RTS) League of Legends - First Victory!

So my wife was still cooking breakfast. I couldn't go back to sleep on an empty stomach. 'Decided to play a practice game online with nine other players.

So I finally got on a team where only one was feeding himself to the opposing group. We won:

I killed four enemy champions, made 12 assists and... didn't die. (Click on the pic. Check it out; 0 deaths. Way to go for a support champion.) Wooohooo! Kayle the Judicator's skills really make her one tough, metal encased mama.

The wonders of starvation I guess. :D :D :D

You rock girl.

Wanna know where you can download this free to play Warcraft DotA clone? The download link can be found after the jump.

>>> The download link and an HD trailer of the game can be found HERE

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Downloadable PC Full Version Freeware Real-Time Strategy (RTS) League of Legends - First Impressions

Well I don't think now is the time for a review. Clearly, the game is not yet finished, given that the game has only two maps at the moment (one in beta phase) and that the Runes gameplay feature is still a "work in progress." Giving it a review right now will be unfair for the developers seeing how this Warcraft DotA clone shows much promise.

It's again downloading updates right now (a VERY good sign) so I can't play this free PC multiplayer strategy game. What with my shift coming up, I might as well sit down and write about my first impressions.

The impressions and download links after the jump.

League of Legends: Clash of Fates is a free-to-play real-time strategy game that is being developed by Riot Games. Part of the dev team are Steve "Guinsoo" Feak and Steve “Pendragon” Mescon, two people who were directly involved in the development of the highly-popular Warcraft: The Frozen Throne mod, DotA.

League of Legends: Clash of Fates is a clone of the original Defense of the Ancients, in it, two teams still defend their base, which are connected by three lanes that are lined with turrets. Just like DotA All-Stars, both bases continuously spawn a steady stream of minions. It is up to you and your team to help these minions destroy the enemies' base.

Whoa, this is turning into a review. Crud. Ok, first impressions:

  • Game has a retail version. Did you know that? Yep, it has. Buying the retail version speeds up the process of unlocking the game's various unlockables. Then again, I'm not sure if the retail version comes with all the unlockables unlocked. I have yet to check on this.
  • It has an account system. Playing more games grants you "Mastery" points that you can purchase to give whatever Champion you choose infinitesimal boosts like 0.66% Critical, etc. They may not be game-changing benefits, but they sure are handy.
  • Yes, your account "levels up."
  • No heroes here. Kidding. The game names them as "Champions." You are the "Summoner" of these champions.
  • There is also a Rune system. It's not clear to me yet, as I've got to do some reading (IT company work and gaming websites don't mix well lol!), but it looks like you can unlock certain Runes as your account levels up. You can then (I think) choose from your collection which Runes to use for a certain match.
  • The audio is awesome.
  • Oddly enough, while the audio is awesome, the game makes me feels as if I'm "floating" above it. It's not immersive enough like that of DotA's. With Warcraft, when I walk a character, it really feels like I'm there gallivanting across the hills and dales of the terrain. With this game, I feel detached. I don't know, but there's something lacking that I can't put a finger to. Let's hope they fix this.
  • The graphics are toony. This could be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences. It's not exactly a bad thing for "grit lovers" though --- at higher video settings, the game really shines. One can just look at all those Youtube League of Legends: Clash of Fates gameplay videos. At lower video settings, it reminds you of those cheapo, free-to-play MMO PC RPG games.
  • The game has recipes and items --- this massive collective absolutely swamps, floods, drowns, buries, and obliterates that of DotA. Newbies (wait. Edit: "Fellow newbies.") need not be alarmed however; the game presents suggestion weapon and items for your Champion of choice. Here's more: clicking those items will bring down, recipe trees, enabling you to easily see which items are needed to create them. Expanding on that innovative twist, the developers have even made the recipe trees interactive --- click on the components, and the "Buy" button lights up, giving you the option to immediately buy that item from the tree without going back to the main, relatively labyrinthine "Health-Defense-Critical-Movement" menu.
All in all, this is one of the greatest freeware release the free-to-play world has seen. Warcraft and DotA players, take heed: League of Legends: Clash of Fate is something you need to get into. Even in its WIP state, it's still is awesome.

>>> The download link and an HD trailer of the game can be found HERE

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Downloadable PC Full Version Freeware Real-Time Strategy (RTS) League of Legends

[Placeholder post for my review of this game.]

This DotA clone is from Steve "Guinsoo" Feak, one of the creators of DotA All-Stars.

Download links after the jump.

The installer installs the latest DirectX components and Adobe AIR. After installation, the game automatically searches for updates. Cool.

>>>Get the downloadable PC full version freeware real-time strategy (RTS) game here (UK version)

>>>Get the downloadable PC full version freeware real-time strategy (RTS) game here (US version)

>>>Get the gameplay walkthrough movie from here

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Battletech - MechWarrior 4 Downloadable Full Free FPS PC Game Update

A few weeks back, I wrote about the impending release of several of the MechWarrior 4 games. The release was supposed to be timed with the 25th anniversary of the Battletech games. While it was not released in time due to the quintessential problem of free projects (real life financial demands imposing themselves on the dev team), has not reneged on their promise of releasing the games for free.

This week, the founders of MekTek will be going to Seattle to meet with Battletech and Mechwarrior officials. They will also meet up with one of the founders of the popular Battletech board game series, Jordan Weisman. Hopefully, the meeting will prove fruitful. The game should be released shortly after the meetings.

The details after the jump.

This is from the MekTek official site:

In just a few days, MekTek founders (VAM and WhiteFeather) will be converging on the Vancouver/Seattle areas to meet with both Mechwarrior and BattleTech officials. MekTek's first stop will be in Vancouver to meet with Piranha Games' president Russ Bullock for a friendly discussion about their Mechwarrior endeavors. Following a night in Vancouver, a flight to Seattle, home of the electronic Mechwarrior license holder Smith and Tinker, and its president Jordan Weisman. Here MekTek hopes to finalize the legalities surrounding the free release of Microsoft's Mechwarrior4 that was announced back in July simultaneously with the announcement of the Mechwarrior Reboot. After meeting with Jordan, MekTek plans to meet up with the BattleTech licensees at Catalyst Game Labs, the producers of the BattleTech board game and related novels. Pending success with Smith and Tinker Inc., MekTek will be releasing the free version of Mechwarrior4 shortly there after.

Read the rest of the news from MekTek's official site.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time HD Trailer

The video after the jump.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Battletech - MechWarrior 4 Downloadable Full Free FPS PC Game Update

So some days back, one of my readers posted on my chatbox (about my article about MechWarrior 4 being released as a downloadable full version free PC FPS game):

I felt a bit guilty --- with the Net's history of devouring legions of freeware, chewing them up, and regurgitating them as vaporware in its deepest, darkest digital cesspool, I did throw it away as simply that, vaporware. After all, the folks at MekTek did release version 2.3 of their Assault Tech 1: Battletech project, an effort to remake MechWarrior 2. A working project where you can outfit mechs! --- this is more than good enough for me.

However, the prodding of one reader forced me from my AT 1 stupor --- I sifted around the MekTek forums and found awesome news.

What this news is after the jump.

They have a tentative release date:

It will be shortly after November 10 people! Cross your fingers that this is going to happen. Me? 'Soon as I get the funds, I'm going to donate!

And oh, thanks for the push and the shove Will! Very appreciated!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

PC Gaming News: Dragon Age: Origin Gets a 9.5 From Gamespot and Dawn of War 2 Gets a New Campaign

Well I'm once again on a tight schedule so there will be no long-winded freeware game reviews until this Sunday. In the meantime --- exciting news! Dragon Age: Origin gets a 9.5 rating from GameSpot while THQ is now in the process of creating a Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2 expansion.

The reasons why I found these intriguing after the jump.

Dragon Age: Origin is from BioWare, the folks that brought us the Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect, and the Knights of the Old Republic series. With this repertoire, it came off as natural that the game should get an Editor's Choice rating from GameSpot but a 9.5! That's a rarity! The last game (that I was interested in) that got a rating above 9 was Half-Life 2, way back in 2005!

About Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2's expansion, for me, it's enough said. I was a Dawn of War nut a year ago before I played the game to death. (Why, I even made an article about Dawn of War 2!) This series is first on my list when I get a new comp. (Yes, yes, procrastinating, classic game loving me still stuck with my old PC. Sue me. >)__) )


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Freeware Audio PC Utilities Updates: DivX 7.2.1 and K-Lite Codec Pack 5.3.0 Released

Enough said.

I'm going to have a heyday this weekend trying out my MP3s with these new versions. :D

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

VLC Media Player 1.0.3 now out


Why this news is important after the jump.

While Media Player Classic may be the most bug-free freeware media player out there, Videolan stands out as having one of the best audio output in the freeware arena. Version 1.0.3 has just been released. (I first heard of this news from TweakGuides.)

>>>VLC official site

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Glary Utilities - Best Freeware Registry Cleaner?

[UPDATE (Jan 30, 2010): Glary Utilities has been released.]

Licensed registry cleaners are a dime a dozen in the Internet but numerous as they may be, they are really an indispensable part of PC maintenance. (While other friends of mine have their PCs reformatted several times a year, I usually run into serious trouble every 13 months or so. I believe these infrequent trips to PC shops is largely due to my relatively well-maintained registry.) Freeware registry cleaners however (those that are backed up by reliable reviews), are hard to find.

In all the years I've spent tinkering around PC software and hardware components, haunting PC tech forums, and reading freeware registry cleaner reviews, I've only come upon two that are worth mentioning: CCleaner and Jouni Vuorio's RegCleaner v4.3.

The topic today however, is Glary Utilities, perhaps one the best freeware registry cleaners I've come across.

GUI screenshots, errors detected, and the modules of this freeware registry cleaner after the jump.

NOTE: Tinkering with the registry is dangerous. Glary Utilities is not a property of this site. Moreover, I am in no way affiliated with that website. If something goes wrong with your PC after using the freeware, I cannot provide technical support. Install and use at your own risk.

My friend Soren (who was running the site at that time) came across Glary Utilities and recommended it to me as one of his best freeware registry cleaners. At that time, I was leery of it, having never heard of the software. I was also using a trial version of TuneUp then but now with the trial having expired, I prowled across the 'Net and checked if experts do consider this Windows registry cleaner as one of their best freeware recommends. I came across a review of v2.6.1 of the freeware and it was a PCWorld article! Sweet, I thought, this might be worth a try after all.

I downloaded the free Windows registry cleaner and got a pleasant surprise:

It has updates! Noice.

And while it may appear---*ahem*---familiar (just take a look at this GUI):

...its suite does have modules that are very useful. Check out the "Empty Folder Finder":

It also has a registry defragmenter:

The true test however, is not the nifty interface and the modules----this is after all a "Best Freeware Registry Cleaner" post----but how well the freeware's registry cleaner finds registry issues. After cleaning with CCleaner, I gave it a spin and:

88 problems found! Awesome. I then clicked "Repair Problems" (after making a restore point with ERUNT, a freeware registry backup generator), rebooted, and---while actively listening for "Ach! My spleen!"exclamations from the PC---listened to some music tracks and played a 20-minute session of F.E.A.R. Windows ran without a hitch.

It may not be the definite best freeware registry cleaner out there, but Glary Utilities is a powerful package filled to the brim with indispensable tools.

>>>Download the freeware registry cleaner here

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

SITE UPDATE: Downloadable Free PC FPS Full Version Mod Black Mesa

Almost a year back, I made a post about Black Mesa, a mod that recreates the ENTIRE Half-Life one experience from the ground up using the more recent Source game engine. (Yes, apparently, the devs of this mod think that Half-Life: Source sucked big time too.) Well, three days back, I visited their site only to be greeted by a 404 error. Great, I thought, another vaporware that previously had showed much promise.

Well, "Well, I'll be..." is a phrase that seems to have developed a propensity from worming out of my mouth whenever I check on this Half-Life downloadable free PC FPS mod --- the Black Mesa site is back. And it has undergone a MAJOR overhaul.

Small screen aside, I still remember this. (The images are not a property of this site. They've only been posted for the sole reason of promoting the Black Mesa official site.)

Check the official link, and the HD version of their official trailer after the jump.

>>>The Black Mesa official site

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