Sunday, November 1, 2009

SITE UPDATE: Downloadable Free PC FPS Full Version Mod Black Mesa

Almost a year back, I made a post about Black Mesa, a mod that recreates the ENTIRE Half-Life one experience from the ground up using the more recent Source game engine. (Yes, apparently, the devs of this mod think that Half-Life: Source sucked big time too.) Well, three days back, I visited their site only to be greeted by a 404 error. Great, I thought, another vaporware that previously had showed much promise.

Well, "Well, I'll be..." is a phrase that seems to have developed a propensity from worming out of my mouth whenever I check on this Half-Life downloadable free PC FPS mod --- the Black Mesa site is back. And it has undergone a MAJOR overhaul.

Small screen aside, I still remember this. (The images are not a property of this site. They've only been posted for the sole reason of promoting the Black Mesa official site.)

Check the official link, and the HD version of their official trailer after the jump.

>>>The Black Mesa official site

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