Monday, January 5, 2009

Half-life 2 Mod: Black Mesa, a Free FPS

Well, I'll be...

(What is this free FPS about?)

I've always been fond of multiplayer shooter and free FPS games. So much so that I regularly search the Internet for free FPS and multiplayer games that I can download and test out. While most are half-baked attempts at emulating their creators' multiplayer shooter of choice, I stumbled upon one that not only matches the game it tries to resurrect, but --- if the trailer below is any indication --- surpasses it utterly.

I thought the Black Mesa mod project died. I was wrong. The team behind this free fps, Half-life 2 mod recently released their official trailer.

This puts to shame the team that cobbled together Half-life: Source. (No offense but the graphics and delivery of this trailer stunned me.)

The Black Mesa mod is a free FPS and requires only that you have a game powered by the Source engine.


Anonymous said...

Where's the download link?

Shazbot said...

Oh you didn't read my first article about this (I placed a hyperlink to it; see "What is this free FPS about?") You'll see there that this is a work in progress. Don't worry though, soon as it gets completed, I'll create a post about it. (Official site:

Happy gaming!