Friday, January 9, 2009

Xtreme-G Nvidia 180.84 Graphic Driver Benchmark Software Results

A month ago I tested the Nvidia 180.84 graphic driver using several benchmark software that are mostly freeware. The test was made using one of those low-end DVI video cards, a 7300 GT. The results were not so much stellar in terms of FPS as they were in terms of image quality.

Now though I have tested the tweaked, Xtreme-G version of the Nvidia 180.84 graphic driver using the same benchmark software and while I cannot say that the huge mark up in image quality improvement is solely because of the new Nvidia-based graphic driver (having bought a new monitor), the benchmark software I've been using are now displaying greens and reds that are more vibrant. Is it the new monitor? Or is it the graphic driver? I don't know, but one thing's certain: the tandem is making me consider playing the entire FEAR series again just to see how well it looks now. :D

>> How well did the graphic driver perform?


newman said...

need to update my PC for sure.


Shazbot said...

Xtreme-G drivers aren't official drivers from Nvidia and hence there's a small element of risk involved. Install at your own risk.

(They bump up image quality though.)

I've installed numerous Xtreme-Gs for the past two years though; they all work fine for me.

Glad you've found the article useful. Happy gaming!