Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to Install Advanced Melee AI (AMAI) a Downloadable AI Mod for Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne

Advanced Melee AI is a third-party AI mod for the realt-time strategy game Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne. It greatly enhances Warcraft 3's AI's micromanagement abilities. While it's nowhere as good as Warcraft 3 pros, it does provide a sufficient challenge for casual players of the game.

>>> See videos of how the AMAI behaves in a match.

Please note that I did not create this AI mod. While I have played with this AI mod for Warcraft 3 for several months now and have suffered no problems, I cannot provide any technical support if Blizzard suddenly invalidates your CD key and bans you from Install at your own risk.

1. Download AMAI Player Edition from HERE. Choose AMAI Player Edition. (I chose the Player Edition as it has installation instructions that I deem to be "safe." The reason? Read on.)

2. Unzip the file.

3. In your Warcraft III\Maps folder, create a sub-folder. Label it with something informative like "AMAI" or "Amai maps."

4. Copy (CTRL+C) maps that you would like to play against the Advanced Melee AI mod in. Paste it in the sub-folder you have created. This guarantees that the maps you use in won't be modified. This is also the reason why I like the Player Edition better.

5. Run AMAI.

6. Browse to where you have put the maps you would like to play against the Advanced Melee AI mod in. Select the maps (CTRL+A).

7. Click "Install AMAI."

8. Start a Single Player Custom Game. Navigate to the sub-folder you have created and choose a map to play in. Enjoy! If you are new to Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, prepare to get your ass kicked! >)_)

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Freeware Strategy Games Update: UFO: AI April Development News

Torture I tell you. Sheer torture.

When will V2.3 of this freeware strategy game come out? This is sheer torture!

The guys at still haven't released their changelog for the April updates but they have released a series of new in-game screenshots of their turn-based freeware strategy game. It's looking awesome:

I recognize the above (I used to play this freeware strategy game before v2.2.1 but decided to quit to wait for the base attack feature); this is the level where the aliens land and attack a mini-mart. It is now showing vastly superior textures and a more vibrant color scheme. (But they still haven't gotten rid of that PHALANX weapon whose front part is a dead-ringer of the Covenant Plasma Rifle in Halo. Even my wife who's not really into games recognized the design. If the design parallelism wasn't intentional, the creators of this freeware strategy game really should change that --- it's colored blue to boot! Blue! Why not get it over with and make it purple?)

I'm very excited about this one. A snow level? Certainly, I haven't dropped any of my PHALANX troops in this one. Nice gloss effect going on in there!

Hmm. I can't make out heads and tails out of the two pics above (no higher resolutions of the pics offered). Have the aliens landed on a camping park? Or is that a busted gas pipe? The weapons carried by the PHALANX personnel here are more to my tastes.

This one takes the cake and the candles. When I saw this I was like 0_0 Nice colors, ominous shadows, superb design! (And has the transport gotten a graphics upgrade? It looks more wicked.)

>> You can download the freeware strategy game from HERE.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne 1.23 Advanced Melee AI V2.54 Gameplay Videos

I recently asked around in the WCReplays forums if someone has developed an "advanced AI" mod for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne that's also compatible with the recent 1.23 patch. Well, someone did. Below are videos of me playing against the Advanced Melee AI, which is being developed by someone named "Strategy Master":

>>>How do I install AMAI? Where do I download it from?

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Freeware Strategy Games Update: UFO: AI March Development News

All your base are belong to them.

This is a month late but for those of you who haven't noticed, the guys at have released the March updates for their freeware strategy game a while back. The current version that's being dissected AND reverse-engineered at their operating table now has base attack!

Let me say that again: UFO: Alien Invasion, the Quake 2-powered freeware strategy game that's trying to bring back the X-Com gameplay from the days of yore, now has BASE ATTACK!

Yep, according to this Internet celebrity, they are. They are now belong to them. (Image from the AYBABTU Wiki entry)

>>> More details about this sci-fi turn-based freeware strategy game

Imagine, you've just captured several aliens and their doodads, and you're trying to figure out what makes the things tick, when suddenly the whine of anti-gravity drives erupt from somewhere above you and you realize that somewhere outside your base, lumbering Ortnoks and crafty Shevaar assault units are trying to storm in. You're caught in an alien base attack with you in one of PHALANX's modular research units with your pants down and with the 36-24-35 gorgeous orderly who just got hired!

Wait, that came out wrong again.

Anyway, you get the idea. Base attack ladies and gents! Base attack!

>> You can download the freeware strategy game from HERE.

Other highlights from (for a more complete list go to the freeware strategy game's official site):

* Lots and lots of UI updates, fixes and reorganisation, including market, transfer, lost/won, alien containment, base attack and other menu updates.
* Campaign mode fixes, including alien campaign fixes.
* Further widescreen support improvements.
* Various battlescape fixes, including inventory, soldier and firemode selection.
* In battlescape it is now possible to shoot over single crouched actor.
* A bit more threading in various components.
* Geoscape fixes and updates, including a crash when destroying an installation, merged base and installation controls, default base name fix, max installation count limited to 3*(working base count), mail system fixes, message option updates and fixes to interception path calculation.
* Map fixes and updates, including some work on alien base map.
* Updates to translations, including initial Korean translation.
* LUA AI fixes, including a memleak fix.
* Many fixes to the new pathfinding.
* Gameplay changes, including alien equipment and aircraft size changes and UFO recovery improvements.
* New UFOpedia images and textures.
* And the usual round of lots and lots of other fixes, totalling at 650 revisions.

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