Wednesday, June 27, 2012

IMBACORE Reviews Featured on Two Free PC Game Websites

It has been a while since I last combed my favorite sites in the Internet. I took a peek today and found out that no less than two freeware (free software) sites have featured my reviews.

UFO: AI is a free, turn-based PC strategy games along the lines of the X-Com series. It is in no way connected to Microprose's universe, as it features its own unique story, aliens, and weapons and stuff.

See my UFO: Alien Invasion review HERE.

The UFO: Alien Invasion official site can be found HERE. (See the June 9, 2012 post made by Mattn, one of the lead developers of the game.)

Alien Arena is a Quake-like free PC multiplayer shooter that has been constantly evolving since its release way back 2004. It features a unique retro sci-fi feel that's as amusing as it's awesome.

See my Alien Arena review HERE.

The Alien Arena official site can be found HERE. (As of this writing the IMBACORE review is listed eighth under "Alien Arena Reviews" just two spots below Gamespot.) 

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Monday, June 25, 2012

IMBACORE's Torchlight Alchemist Walkthrough Videos

Hello what with Torchlight 2 fast coming up, I've decided to shelve my Mass Effect 2 gameplay series and concentrate on the first Torchlight. There has been some debate about whether or not this is a straight out Diablo clone but I really don't care. The cel shading is enough for me (ooooh cute cartoony terrain!).

Here's the first part of my Torchlight hack and slash gameplay series (playing as an Alchemist at Hard difficulty):

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

IMBACORE's Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Gameplay Videos

I got bored so I reinstalled my Mass Effect 2 from EA Origin and fired up the beauty. Now playing as a Sentinel female Shepard (femshep) who is a full-blown Renegade. Yep, her eyes are starting to glow a deep shade of red.  Here's my "Rescue Tali" gameplay video. It's a walkthrough video that's filled to the brim with the quintessential Mass Effect 1 baddies, the Geth. Here's the video:

I will post more soon as the videos are up.

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