Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Let's Play Transcendence v1.1 Series (Freeware Space Trading Exploration Combat PC Game)

[Update 3 (March 5, 2013): Added "The Story so Far" Part 12 description] 
[Update 2 (February 27, 2013): Added "The Story so Far" Part 11 description] 
[Update 1 (February 26, 2013): Added "The Story so Far" Part 9 and Part 10 descriptions] 

If you haven't been taking a peek at my YouTube channel (click HERE or see the link at the upper right part of this site), you've clearly missed my "Let's Play Transcendence v1.1" series.

What I've written on the videos' description boxes: 

Transcendence is a 2.5D free to play sci-fi PC space trading game that runs along the lines of the Space Rogue, Elite, Eve Online, and the X (Beyond the Frontier, Terran Conflict, etc) series. Though weighing in at only a tiny 17MB, the game provides surprising deep gameplay for its size, letting players have free reign on what they want to do---play as a simple drifter running supplies among the many space stations; as a guardian of the myriad galactic enclaves; and even as a bounty hunter hunting down space outlaws.

Join me as I embark on my journey to the Galactic Core. I need all my luck as there are many threats the vastness of space harbors, chief among them a low YouTube viewer count.
 Here's a sample video:

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Impending Release: IMBACORE's Let's Play Transcendence

Just a heads-up but I'm now currently editing the first part of my "Let's Play Transcendence 1.1." I've long since want to play this game but now that its creator has released version 1.1, now is the perfect time do a Let's Play for this freeware full version PC space game.

The game is a sandbox-type video game where you can do anything that you please, trade goods, escort lumbering capital ships, and/or hunt down rogue spacecraft. It weighs in at 17 megabytes but for a 2d game, it's a looker.

Image taken from the official Transcendence site

Once I upload the YouTube video the segments will appear on the IMBACORE YouTube channel.

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