Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Let's Play Transcendence v1.1 Series (Freeware Space Trading Exploration Combat PC Game)

[Update 3 (March 5, 2013): Added "The Story so Far" Part 12 description] 
[Update 2 (February 27, 2013): Added "The Story so Far" Part 11 description] 
[Update 1 (February 26, 2013): Added "The Story so Far" Part 9 and Part 10 descriptions] 

If you haven't been taking a peek at my YouTube channel (click HERE or see the link at the upper right part of this site), you've clearly missed my "Let's Play Transcendence v1.1" series.

What I've written on the videos' description boxes: 

Transcendence is a 2.5D free to play sci-fi PC space trading game that runs along the lines of the Space Rogue, Elite, Eve Online, and the X (Beyond the Frontier, Terran Conflict, etc) series. Though weighing in at only a tiny 17MB, the game provides surprising deep gameplay for its size, letting players have free reign on what they want to do---play as a simple drifter running supplies among the many space stations; as a guardian of the myriad galactic enclaves; and even as a bounty hunter hunting down space outlaws.

Join me as I embark on my journey to the Galactic Core. I need all my luck as there are many threats the vastness of space harbors, chief among them a low YouTube viewer count.
 Here's a sample video:

>>>For the full playlist click HERE

The Story so Far Let's Play journal entries after the jump

Part 3: Where we take on the first major quest (read: boss! *GASP*) kill a Centauri Warlord and lay waste to his habitat.

Part 4: Where I died. Got overconfident of my near invincibility and took on a swarm of fighters and what looked to be a corvette. Before that gathered massive loot and installed a point-defense (anti-missile) system.(In Part 5, I do not honor Permadeath and continue this playthrough.)

Image taken from the game's official site

Part 5: Where I respawned and discovered to my horror that all my loot was gone. Managed to buy the monopole shield generator though. In Part 6 - REVENGE!! I'm going back and take out the wing that took me out in Part 4.

Image taken from the game's official site

Part 6: Where I set off to exact my revenge on the pirates that killed me in Part 4. Things turn out to be as convoluted as my coffee-fugued mind though as attention span disorders set in and I get waylaid by several things, namely pirates and SHOPPING! I buy a blast-based omnidirectional turret that turns out to have pathetic range. Though I do get to wipe out the pirates, I run out of fuel here and die due to life support system failure.

Part 7: - Where I belatedly realized that there are huge gaps between autosaves and delete my previous games, making me start at the very beginning. Here I rethink my priorities and place a better reactor at the top of the priority list. I also get introduced to the money-generating miracle machine that is the Mining Laser.

Image taken from the game's official site

Part 8: Where I catch the game's first boss idly watching Discovery Channel in his room, allowing me to gut his habitat with impunity. I initially think I've run into a bug though as the "Mission Successful!" prompt didn't pop-up. Further forays into the sector though, reveal that the glitch isn't game breaking. Here, I also warp into another sector where I find a mining facility and a whole string of (friendly) weapon factories.
Part 9: where I upgrade the ship's omnidirectional laser turret. I also stumbled on a station that's selling a dirt-cheap solar panel array, solving my fuel problems. Things are looking up!! I encounter an outlaw craft that displays impressive AI; every time its shields drop it flees to regenerate its shields then comes back again for another pass. Also: A lot of pirates have been cauterized to death in the making of this video.
Part 10: Where I discover that Greenwich Industries is offering an awesome price point for duranium ore. I buy all of the stuff from the X012 (?) mining colony and sell it off to the former. Credit pool jumps but I'm still far away from buying that 50MW reactor, having bought a NAMI missile launcher with a +20% rating (quite a rare find!). I destroy several small craft in this video and lay waste to an outlaw mining facility that harried me in a previous part of this Let's Play. Also: Here, I get nearly killed by not paying any heed to my sensors; a bunch of interceptors ambushes me, lightly damaging my front armor.
Part 11 - Where I get busy shuttling back and forth the Eridani and Groombridge sectors trading ore for credits. I also warp in to the Orgos sector and find a facility selling sheets of armor (titanium barriers) meant for space stations. I wonder if I can install them on my ship? I also lay waste to three outlaw stations and meet a new type of ship with heavy armor plating and light screens (weird design decision by the ships' engineers).
Part 12 -  Where I stumble on an ice plant that sells alcholic beverages and find out that it needs fuel rods. Trading with it finally allow me to scrounge up the credits to buy a 50 Megawatt reactor, a Tritium Propulsion Upgrade, and a Monopole Shield Generator. Now I can take on more outlaws (or run away from them) without breaking a sweat.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! This is a great video series.

Ildamos said...

Thanks for following! I should warn you that Transcendence being a Space Trading game, it has some periods where nothing happens, just the ship hurtling through the void. :)

I will make more Let's Play after this one, maybe of games that are more action-oriented to balance this slower-paced video series.

Being an RPG and space trading fan, I'm enjoying the game massively though.