Saturday, June 28, 2014

Re: GamesRadar's "Stop lying to yourself: Old-school gaming is not what you remember"


We might be seeing old school games through rose-tinted glasses. Photo taken from the Doom Wikia.

Yes, David Houghton has a point. Yes, I'm glad that modern games freed us from the yoke of the "find the red key to open the red door" gameplay mechanic from the days of yore. But for him to say that it's a convenient delusion for us to think that there's is a void between the past and the present; that clamoring that there is a huge gulf between old school and modern games is an exercise continually made by people who are oblivious that they've been wearing rose-tinted glasses is, in my opinion, the one that's delving into the realm of total fiction.

We do share the same sentiments in the sense that I wouldn’t touch many of the older games. Even the first Half-Life—with its multiple jumping puzzles—is largely unappealing to me now. However, to say that the lines have blurred between old school and modern games, well that’s something I’ve to disagree with. True, games have—needless to say—constantly built upon what their forebears have brought to the table and so share, in one way or another, features that can be attributed to the early forays of game developers into concocting the perfect gameplay experience. However, insofar as the trend that the Call of Duty series has started, this is where the great divide has sprung.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

OpenXcom Developer Announces That v1.0 Is "Coming Soon!"

This went under my facilities' radars: last May 6, the developer of OpenXcom announced that version 1.0 of the open-source reimplementation of Julian Gollop's phenomenal turn- and squad-based PC strategy game is coming soon.

Last May 30, the official site of the free PC mod posted a blinking teaser that reads: "Loading OpenXcom 1.0..."

Why is this news exciting and why should you care?

 Join the ranks of the X-COM and you get this awesome haircut. Sonic Boom not included.

 The whole nine yards after the jump. (Click on the line "Click here to read more...")

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Forest (Survival Horror Sandbox Crafting PC Game) Tutorial Crafting Video Guides

[UPDATED: June 10, 2014; added crafting videos on how to craft an explosive and how to get a wooden spear.]

In addition to my Let's Play The Forest series, I've made a The Forest tutorial crafting video guide series for the survival horror sandbox crafting PC game. The videos in the playlist are mini-vids meant to provide you with information about how to craft a specific item in the game. There's no fluff; the crafting video guides are only several seconds long.


The Forest (Survival Horror Sandbox Crafting PC Game) Tutorial Crafting Guide: How to Cook:

The Forest (Survival Horror Sandbox Crafting PC Game) Tutorial Crafting Guide: How to Make a "Crafted Axe":

More The Forest crafting recipes after the jump. (Click "Click here to read more.")

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Let's Play The Forest (Survival Horror Sandbox Crafting PC Game) Gameplay Walkthrough Videos

I just uploaded my second video of my "Let's Play The Forest (Survival Horror Sandbox Crafting PC Game) Gameplay Walkthrough" video series

Here's Part 1:

Here's Part 2:

Things I've learned in Part 2:

4:05 - The Forest Tip: Where not to build a base
10:25 - The Forest Tip: Always look around
11:25 - The Forest Tip: How to make a basic hunting shelter; use the "R" button to rotate, not the right click mouse button
12:34 - The Forest Tip: Eat berries to stave off hunger
20:34 - The Forest Tip: How to make a fire and eat a rabbit
49:00 - The Forest Tip: How to make an explosive
53:57 - The Forest Tip: Build an effigy to scare off natives (mentioned; not built)
58:42 - The Forest Tip: How to build a simple wall
1:00:36 - The Forest Tip: Fires attract cannibals!

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Early Game Access Gameplay Video of the Survival Horror PC Game The Forest

I posted this on Newsvine:

A group of four people came up with the idea of fusing elements from I Am Legends, the survival horror genre, and Minecraft and the result is

a premise that greatly intrigued me.

I decided to support them by purchasing an Early Access for the video game. Though it is still in its Alpha phase, understandably the game

still has numerous bugs (most notably the save feature being broken as of May 31, 2014) and still is in a bare bones state. However, the

thirty or so minutes I spent with the game is easily worth the $15 I shelled out. See the video to see emergent gameplay at its finest.

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