Sunday, July 28, 2013

(Limited) Freeware Turns ANY Headphones into 7.1 Surround Sound Systems

I haven't posted here in quite a while but I'm pretty active on my YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Anyway, I've recently uploaded a video about Razer's amazing limited freeware offer: the Razer Surround.

This cool downloadable emulator transforms ordinary headphones and earphones into veritable, compact 7.1 surround home theater systems. It's very easy to use, requiring only that you register for a Razer Synapse account, which is not unlike Valve's Steam and EA's Origin content delivery platforms.

You can download Razer Surround for free until December 31, 2013. After that, the freeware offer ends and you've to pay $19.99. (Razer is currently giving this away with a donation option that users can opt in; proceeds will go to Child's Play Charity.) Downloading and installing the thing binds it to your Razer Synapse account, very much like Steam and Origin games; you won't have to shell out cash when 2014 arrives.

Here's the video:

Where to download, how to install, and how to calibrate--everything is covered in the video.

The download links after the jump.

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