Wednesday, January 28, 2009

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin First Person Shooter Video Game Preview

Gamespot just released a preview for F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, a first person shooter video game for multiple platforms including the PC and the Xbox 360. The video is just a mishmash of the previous clips showcasing Project Origin but the excellent commentary does fuse it all together into a cohesive whole and gives fans of the series (and the first person shooter video game genre as a whole) insight into this latest addition to the best-selling horror shooter series.

No Anth, she's not from Cebu. This one's bad news.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Multiplayer Shooter - Left 4 Dead Intro and Gameplay Videos

Left 4 Dead, a new innovative multiplayer shooter released two months ago, is taking fans of multiplayer shooter games by storm. It elevates cooperative gameplay by several levels by pitting four players against an army of running, shrieking undead. I haven't researched this one fully but from what I've heard, there's no story; just a run from Point A to a rescue point. The game relies solely in its cathartic value of killing (again) hordes of mindless individuals hungry for your blood and viscera.

Check out these vids:

Intro movie

Four beginners running through the zombie-infested game.

And oh, the undead spawn randomly so no level plays the same way twice. Also, there are several types of undead in the game, the most interesting of which is the witch (rhyme not intended :P). Judging from the intro movie, it's not as perceptive as the other zombies but multiplayer shooter fans will be quick to learn to turn off their flashlights if they want to avoid being detected by the agile and dangerous witch.

Check out those Lady Deathstrike claws!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Xtreme-G Nvidia 181.00 Video Card Graphic Driver Benchmark Software Results


After a long while, the people at Tweakforce have once again made a graphic driver that towers above the rest --- stock Nvidia and tweaked Nvidia-based Xtreme-G graphic drivers alike. The Xtreme-G 181.00 graphic driver presents unparalleled image quality and frame rates that are reasonable for its bumped-up IQ.

Benchmark software results have taken slight hits but with IQ like this, I'm keeping this one.

After eight months since my friend bought F.E.A.R.: Platinum Edition for me, I'm still hooked to the game. Talk about replay value.

Next stops: Nvidia 181.20 WHQL, Nvidia 185.20 Beta, and the Xtreme-G Nvidia 185.20

>> How to change graphic drivers for PCI and AGP graphics cards

>> How well did the graphic driver perform?

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nvidia Graphic Drivers 181.00 and Beta 185.20 Now Out

Nvidia graphic drivers 181.00 and beta 185.20 are now out. These support all Nvidia video cards from the 6 series onwards. Get them here:

Nvidia graphic driver 181.20 WHQL

Nvidia graphic driver beta 185.20 (Windows XP 32-bit)

Please note that v 185.20 is a beta version; install at your own risk.

>> How to change graphic drivers for PCI and AGP graphics cards

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Xtreme-G Nvidia 180.84 Graphic Driver Benchmark Software Results

A month ago I tested the Nvidia 180.84 graphic driver using several benchmark software that are mostly freeware. The test was made using one of those low-end DVI video cards, a 7300 GT. The results were not so much stellar in terms of FPS as they were in terms of image quality.

Now though I have tested the tweaked, Xtreme-G version of the Nvidia 180.84 graphic driver using the same benchmark software and while I cannot say that the huge mark up in image quality improvement is solely because of the new Nvidia-based graphic driver (having bought a new monitor), the benchmark software I've been using are now displaying greens and reds that are more vibrant. Is it the new monitor? Or is it the graphic driver? I don't know, but one thing's certain: the tandem is making me consider playing the entire FEAR series again just to see how well it looks now. :D

>> How well did the graphic driver perform?

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

VirtualDub Video Editing Tutorials

So finally after days of on-and-off searching for VirtualDub video editing tutorials, I've struck oil. Here's a series of complete VirtualDub video editing tutorials --- from downloading and installing VirtualDub to video conversions using the freeware video editing tool.

Version 1.8.8 of the video editing freeware has just been released.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Freeware Strategy Games Update: UFO: AI December Update

Freeware strategy games: won't cost you a penny and they will easily swallow you up into a world of lines of sight, control groups, splash damage, and AI mods. The developers of UFO: AI, one of those Quake 2 engine-powered freeware strategy games, have released another lengthy list of updates. Version 2.3 of this freeware strategy game must be coming up fast.

Some highlights I found interesting:

  • Fixes and improvements to geoscape (aircraft movement, radar related issues, models, XVI fixes, performance improvements, UFO visibility on geoscape, Phalanx aircraft now estimates ufo direction and tries to intercept them instead of moving to their current position).
  • Various UI fixes and improvements (spinners in some screens, improved scrollbars, replaced textnode, tooltip delays, checkbox changes).
  • Texture updates and new textures.
  • New music, sounds & models.
  • Aircraft updates (Herakles dropship, Starchaser interceptor).
  • Aircraft equipment fixes and improvements.
  • Aircraft equipment fixes and improvements (including UI simplification).
  • Improvements to campaign system (research, progressing, alien team definition, new weapons).
  • Balancing work (aircraft, aliens).
  • Alien races have different stats now.
For a full list of the December updates of this freeware strategy game, go to the official site of the UFO: AI developers.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Half-life 2 Mod: Black Mesa, a Free FPS

Well, I'll be...

(What is this free FPS about?)

I've always been fond of multiplayer shooter and free FPS games. So much so that I regularly search the Internet for free FPS and multiplayer games that I can download and test out. While most are half-baked attempts at emulating their creators' multiplayer shooter of choice, I stumbled upon one that not only matches the game it tries to resurrect, but --- if the trailer below is any indication --- surpasses it utterly.

I thought the Black Mesa mod project died. I was wrong. The team behind this free fps, Half-life 2 mod recently released their official trailer.

This puts to shame the team that cobbled together Half-life: Source. (No offense but the graphics and delivery of this trailer stunned me.)

The Black Mesa mod is a free FPS and requires only that you have a game powered by the Source engine.

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