Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Xtreme-G Nvidia 181.00 Video Card Graphic Driver Benchmark Software Results


After a long while, the people at Tweakforce have once again made a graphic driver that towers above the rest --- stock Nvidia and tweaked Nvidia-based Xtreme-G graphic drivers alike. The Xtreme-G 181.00 graphic driver presents unparalleled image quality and frame rates that are reasonable for its bumped-up IQ.

Benchmark software results have taken slight hits but with IQ like this, I'm keeping this one.

After eight months since my friend bought F.E.A.R.: Platinum Edition for me, I'm still hooked to the game. Talk about replay value.

Next stops: Nvidia 181.20 WHQL, Nvidia 185.20 Beta, and the Xtreme-G Nvidia 185.20

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