Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Freeware Strategy Games Update: UFO: AI December Update

Freeware strategy games: won't cost you a penny and they will easily swallow you up into a world of lines of sight, control groups, splash damage, and AI mods. The developers of UFO: AI, one of those Quake 2 engine-powered freeware strategy games, have released another lengthy list of updates. Version 2.3 of this freeware strategy game must be coming up fast.

Some highlights I found interesting:

  • Fixes and improvements to geoscape (aircraft movement, radar related issues, models, XVI fixes, performance improvements, UFO visibility on geoscape, Phalanx aircraft now estimates ufo direction and tries to intercept them instead of moving to their current position).
  • Various UI fixes and improvements (spinners in some screens, improved scrollbars, replaced textnode, tooltip delays, checkbox changes).
  • Texture updates and new textures.
  • New music, sounds & models.
  • Aircraft updates (Herakles dropship, Starchaser interceptor).
  • Aircraft equipment fixes and improvements.
  • Aircraft equipment fixes and improvements (including UI simplification).
  • Improvements to campaign system (research, progressing, alien team definition, new weapons).
  • Balancing work (aircraft, aliens).
  • Alien races have different stats now.
For a full list of the December updates of this freeware strategy game, go to the official site of the UFO: AI developers.