Friday, June 6, 2008

Black Mesa Half-Life 2 Mod - A Half-Life 1 Remake

Reanimating a PC first-person shooter classic

(I am sure this is old news to hardcore HL players but for those who do not know here's news that will knock your eyeballs so far back into your cranium you're gonna yell "headcrab attack!!!")

When Half-life: Source came out gamers were not so elated to find that the HD models and textures used in Blue Shift were not integrated into the official remake of the first Half-life. I was disappointed for a time as I was planning to buy the Half-Life 2: Game of the Year Edition just so I can play the remake. In my daily scouring of the 'Net though I stumbled upon the Black Mesa mod, which is a modification for Half-Life 2 that will put players once again into the power armor of bespectacled Gordon Freeman in the first Half-Life. This time though, the maps will all be swathed in the trappings of the relatively new Source engine.

I searched YouTube for videos of the thing and sure enough I came up with a lot of vids about the mod. The mod, if it ever comes out and if it will faithfully recreated the gameplay of the original, will be nothing short of awesome, judging from what these clips depict:

"Black Mesa Teaser Trailer" uploaded by PolarisCZ. The first place shown, the Test Chamber, has undergone such a massive graphics overhaul that fans of the first half-life be left feeling as if they're choking in vacuum.

"Black Mesa: Bullsquid Animations" uploaded by Cman2K. The bullsquid is one of those extra-dimensional aliens you have to contend with in the first Half-Life. Here's one shown with improved animation.


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