Thursday, June 19, 2008

Budget LCD Monitors for PC Gaming Still not Cheap for Budget Gamers

In the quest for budget LCD monitors for PC gaming --- Google is your friend

For gamers not willing to shell out more than $220 dollars for an LCD monitor, here's bad news for you. The latest (as of June 2008) "budget" LCD roundup article from Xbit Laboratories grudgingly recommends the Samsung SyncMaster 2053BW LCD monitor for gamers and home users alike. The problem is Amazon sells the 20-inch LCD monitor for $270. If you don't order from them and instead purchase the thing from your local neighborhood suppliers, the price WILL be higher. To make matters worse, that article has the caveat "None of the monitors is blameless" looming over its roundup.

Another cheap LCD monitor I came across months back is the 19-inch AOC 193P but I doubt there are still stocks of this model. It has a reduced resolution (a disheartening 1280x1024) and an increased response time (an 8ms one >> worse) compared to the Samsung SyncMaster 2053BW though.

Doubtless, there are a lot of budget LCD monitors out there that can handle PC gaming but I'm apprehensive about buying anything that has no reviews going for it. (or is reviewed by sites that are not popular. THEY DON'T COUNT --- that to someone who once told me there's a review for a certain product and recommended a site that didn't even discuss the various aspects of the thing. That was surreal. 0_o)

As a digital artist, I value image quality. As of the present, LCD monitors --- while offering low power consumption and conforming to the prevalent green movement nowadays --- is just way expensive for me considering that dollar for dollar their color quality is inferior to CRT ones.

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No pictures for this one so here's one I did with only Paint and an ordinary mouse. I hope you like it.

Paint is just too unwieldy; I left this unfinished. And no, it wasn't done with an LCD monitor. :p