Thursday, June 12, 2008

GameSpy's Dawn of War 2 Preview

"Bad-@$$ m0f0$"

GameSpy has released a preview article days ago about the sequel to the Dawn of War series. It details a discussion between GameSpy writers and lead designer Jonny Ebbert. The article reveals that the upcoming sequel, which uses the Essence engine that powers the real-time strategy game Company of Heroes, will do away with the base-building approach and instead will have the player take control of a handful of troops.

This scheme reminds me strongly of the gameplay of the first Ground Control. While certainly not bad, I was a bit disappointed as I'm an avid fan of the whole capture-the-flag-to-gain-more-resources gameplay of the first Dawn of War real-time strategy games. However, the article reveals Dawn of War 2 to be very interesting. One of the highlights of the highly anticipated sequel is the developers' fusion of the widely-used Havok physics engine into Dawn of War 2's game engine; this should give players nearly unparalleled eye-candy once War Bosses and Assault Space Marines --- not to mention bridge supports and temple facades --- start getting flung helter-skelter.

They have also once again, utilized the "War Gear" system they implemented in Dark Crusade.

The article can be found here. It also contains some high-resolution Dawn of War 2 screenshots.