Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yahoo Messenger's Sign-in Seal

Some of you may not have noticed Yahoomail's anti-phishing tactic. They call it the "sign-in seal" (Waitaminit, did I get that right? Anyway...). It enables users to upload a picture and choose a color. Yahoomail will then associate the color and the pic with your computer. Everytime you visit Yahoomail, the color and the pic should appear, otherwise, it could very well be a phishing site and users should not attempt to login. Take note that if you visit Yahoomail in another computer, the color and the picture you picked will not be displayed.

Here's mine. I picked the color red and an abstract image. If memory serves, deleting Yahoomail's cookie will also sever the association; the pic and color will no longer be displayed.