Thursday, June 26, 2008

Homeworld Sequel?

[All this fuss about copyright]

Don't get your hopes up though. It's still unconfirmed and this news was released almost a full year ago. Still, for Homeworld fans, I am happy to share this with you --- there is NOW a possibility that there can be a Homeworld 3! Vivendi had given up its rights over the Homeworld franchise and it's now back in the hands of Relic, the series' developers! (This all reminds me how copyright issues can affect a game in one way or the other. Case in point: the official sequel to F.E.A.R. doesn't have the word in its title.)

I have just stumbled on these goldmines:

Homeworld Wiki: Homeworld 3

Homeworld Wiki: JPEG Image showing a news header proclaiming: "Homeworld Franchise Returns Home"

Eurogamer: THQ Does own Homeworld

Screenshot is not mine and is taken from the official Homeworld 2 site for the purpose of inciting renewed interest in the game. If there will be complaints about the presence of this pic on my site, I will promptly remove this.

And no, I still have not finished Homeworld 2. Will those saying I'm one of those neophiliacs cease and desist? You wanna play new games everyday, knock yourselves out and have a good time. Me? I stick to a few. (And if I finally find a game as perfect as Starsiege: Tribes, I'll stick to that until its servers close.)

It's getting old.