Saturday, June 14, 2008

Instances of Ad-Aware 2008 Scan Problems Abating

It's now (probably) safe to go back into the water

I've been keeping tabs on the Ad-Aware forum and the instances of users running into the scan bugs seem to be abating. The new version of the anti-malware freeware had been beset by scan-related bugs --- it froze during full system scans for a great number of users who consequently deluged the Lavasoft forums with posts about the problem. While the problem still persists for some, it seems to be caused primarily by an improperly uninstalled Ad-Aware 2007, the predecessor of the current version.

I think I'll upgrade sometime next week.

For now, for people who are still plagued with the scan bug, here are two threads put up and recommended by Txnnok, a tester of Ad-Aware 2008:

Uninstall Guide for Ad-Aware Se and 2007

Install Guide for Ad-Aware 2008

If you have any problems regarding the product, please go to the Lavasoft forums. I am just an avid user of the freeware, not its proprietor/developer and needless to say, cannot give technical support.

For now until the middle/end of next week, I'll still be using Ad-Aware 2007.