Wednesday, June 4, 2008

AVG 7.5: Still Updating

AVG 8.0: Not coming to a PC near me

I'm not budging from 7.5 until the day it uses up all its nine lives. I've been reading forums and reviews around the web for views about AVG 8.0 and what other free alternatives are there. As I thought --- and is only natural --- reviews and opinions vary. There seems to be a consensus however, that AVG 8.0 really consumes more computer resources than its predecessor. Even an officemate complained about his PC slowing down after he upgraded to 8.0, confirming the prevalent buzz. (There is a way to trim it down however. Follow the link in this article. I just don't like the fact that I need to tweak it to disable its resident shield. Tut.)

Judging from forums and reviews, I got this impression that the best free anti-virus are, in descending order: Avast!, Avira, and AVG.

Since I have not been infected nor have I seen my PC exhibiting odd behavior like slowing down, etc., I'll stick with AVG 7.5 for the meantime.


Anonymous said...

me too!

Shazbot said...

:D They're continuing their support until June 25th. :D

Clunk said...

Mine is still updating

Shazbot said...

I got my PC reformatted (forgot to turn on my AV after I played a game. Tut.) and I'm now using Avast! It offers a quicker way to enable/disable its components. Useful if you're short on RAM or if you're a performance geek like me. :D