Saturday, May 3, 2008

AVG 8.0 Consumes More System RAM and Needs Tweaking?

Déjà vu.

AVG 8.0 has been out for quite some time now. AVG has stated that this new version is "faster and better." The latter goes without saying but "faster"? I have to see this first. Two friends of mine have reported that the new software is slowing down their systems . Add to this Tweakguide's complaint about it relatively consuming more resources than 7.5, and it got me to decide I'll pass up on this one until 7.5 finally croaks this May 31. My past experience with a memory-gobbling anti-virus has left me leery of software that purportedly use too much RAM. Nothing touches the FPS of my first-person shooter games. Nothing --- not even a new version of my favorite freeware anti-virus. (I know a lot of persons argue that the lack of system RAM doesn't affect your framerates but I dunno, maybe it's just my system but back when I had only 512Mb, my framerates do go down everytime my system swaps data from my HDD. Feel free to disagree with me; mayhap I'll learn something. Constructive arguments only please. No jack-a-dollar discourse.)

"FPS of my first-person shooter games." Heh. La dee da. I need the accuracy. (Lol! Sorry, I got naughty; wife was watching when I played this round. That there is a teammate; one of the best I've seen --- good support, we took turns guarding our sixes, and she healed me several times.)

Back to the topic: tweaking these days when I'm immersed in my job is too much of a hassle (considering that I don't use the company's PCs for work), but here's Tweakguide's article on how to tweak AVG 8.0 to make it utilize less system resources.

Disclaimer: As of the time of writing, I have not used AVG 8.0 nor, needless to say, have I used Tweakguide's tweaks on the software. Use them at your own risk. ( is an excellent, reliable site though.)