Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ashampoo FireWall Seems to be Incompatible with the Updater of AVG 8.0

I seem to remember a couple of my friends use this so I'd like to put this up. Here's a thread in the forums of AVG that discusses v8.0's incompatibility problems with Ashampoo FireWall.

It goes without saying that this bug will soon be fixed. For those who are having this issue, it's a good idea to keep yourself informed about any updates in that thread.


Xabier said...

As of December 2008 this has not been resolved. I have a solution though.

In the AVG Folder there is a exe called "avgupd" - i added this as a scheduled task to run every 6 hours. This task asked to be granted on the firewall and has worked for 5 months now.

Hope that helps!

Shazbot said...

Thanks! Though for the life of me I can't understand how that will fix the problem. I haven't used AVG 8.0 in quite a while now so I'll leave your comment above just in case someone looks for a solution to this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Xabier! Your suggestion works!