Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Optimism of the Pilot of the Millenium Falcon

The power of positive thinking in the face of rejection

We all heard their stories --- struggling would-be celebrities, being rebuffed by directors or recording companies and then finally hitting paydirt.

I just didn't think that Harrison Ford belonged to this common story.

I came across this clip when I was editing an article about the actor. Listen to the reply he made to the Vice President of Columbia when the veep scorned his acting skills (The story about that exchange starts at 6:05 in the clip below):

More adamant than his fictional late Wookie sidekick. (Clip uploaded by WhiteSharkFilm)

And speaking of Harrison Ford and Wookies, I remember complaining some years back "Why, oh why didn't Lucas make a movie that focused on the wars fought by the clones?" I was an avid player of Star Wars Battlefront back then, Jedi for me were getting old, and the clones' armors were so cool back when they served for a republic. Like DotA ("I'm terrible at microing, why didn't Blizzard make a game that uses heroes only?!" - me) the upcoming CGI by LucasFilms stuffed my thought down my cranium:

I don't care if they came from embryonic or adult stem cells. Republic clones for the win! (Uploaded by OnTheWing2007)