Tuesday, May 6, 2008

FSB (Front Side Bus) and RAM Speeds

From my old blog; dated 072507

Okay, back when I had absolutely 0 knowledge about PCs, the front side bus was a complete black hole to me. It totally defied and all but swallowed any light I shone through its gaping maw even though friends and techies explained the durned thing to me over and over. Hell, I was never a good listener anyway. But I am a durned good reader. And so in my travels in the Information Superhighway ---- hoping to see those Tron people and 3Jane ----- I stumbled on this months ago:

Ask Ars: FSB and memory speeds

In it, you will learn how the FSB of your PC relates to the speed at which your RAM modules run. (Very important if you are planning to buy a totally new rig or are planning to upgrade your RAM)