Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 15 -- Cabal Philippines CBT and War Rock Patch -- Glock?

... and a map with a large body of water?!!

GM JohnnyBlaze gave clues that a new rapid firing pistol is going to be integrated into War Rock Philippines with the patch today. All bets about the purported new War Rock weapon are on the Glock. No significant clues about the new War Rock map however.

Also, they changed the download screen:

4 megs of it!! I wonder what's new. I hope to the gods of gaming that super cool water effect makes it with this patch. And lookit that sniper babe! Eurasian eyes for the win!

Hmm goes with the colors of my site. Cool.

EDIT A MINUTE LATER: Oh sh|t that's an old one. That's Blue Storm, the map I derisively label as "Timoga" what with its blue-and-white cold spring resort feel. Effer. Paint colors aside, it's a good map though; I was just hoping it was something new. Owned by a perspective change. Tut tut.

Also, Cabal Philippines has just launched their closed beta test this day.