Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tribes Vengeance: How to Install Vanilla_b1

Saying hello to an old friend

What do you do when you can't wield War Rock Weapons nor stalk in War Rock Maps? You play your other games of course.

I downloaded this replay of a match played by someone named Odio who is renowned in Tribes: Vengeance circles as one of the best players in the first-person shooter PC game that has players using jetpacks and skiing across humongous maps. Problem was the replay won't play without a couple of files. One of these was a package named "Vanilla_b1;" I had difficulty playing this file and want to share these tips for others who might be experiencing the same problem.

1. The vanilla_b1 file found in Rapher's site ( is the package's source code. Do not use this one.

2. Download from some other sources like

3. It will come in a compressed file and will contain two files. Put them here:

Tribes Vengeance > Programs > Bin

Enjoy watching replays/playing in maps where vanilla_b1 is required!


MrKirby said...

whats this game called? Tribes: Vengeance circles?

Shazbot said...

Just "Tribes: Vengeance." You can DL the first of the series from Gamespot, Fileplanet, and Gamershell methinks.

The first, Starsiege: Tribes, is the best game in the entire series. It's also freeware now. :D

MrKirby said...

wow u fast. ty!

Shazbot said...

Though I may not update this site everyday, I usually check if there are are comments. :D

Here's the link for the installer of Starsiege: Tribes:;title;1

You have to register first though. Don't worry, Gamespot is free. :D


mrkirby! said...

i registered and going to play woot! ^.^ (didnt bother logging in for this comment)

mrkirby said...

i downloaded it but when i click to install it it doesnt work.

i have windows computer

Shazbot said...

Hmm maybe your DL got corrupted. Anyway, when I get home I'll post more DL links here for that game.

Anonymous said...

i clicked to install it it installed but it didnt appear on destop as file or anything.

Shazbot said...

Sounds like its corrupted. Maybe your connection got disrupted as you DL'd it. It should be 112Mb big.

Try these links:

(I haven't DL'd anything from Gamershell though. I know it's a respectable site but do scan the file with an anti-virus when it finishes DL'ing.)