Saturday, May 24, 2008


Down with a sickness

What was supposed to be a 3-hour barkada outing evolved/degenerated (depends on where you look at it from --- my perspective or that of my friends') into a full-blown 6-hour one. My friend's vehicle croaked just meters away from the mall and we had to watch for several minutes as Petron personnel doused the van's engine with several pails of water before it stopped emulating sulphuric steam vents. This was AFTER we had to go to Patag AND Bugo --- my city's equivalent of Alaska and Antarctica with respect to how they are located relative to oneother.

Now don't get me wrong I had a REALLY good time with my friends seeing all those pretty salesladies and customers strolling about in SM (with my wife alternating between pinching me and actually pointing out to ones whose facial features she admired). BUT! BUT! Given that I only had three hours of sleep before going to the office earlier that day, that city-trawling was really really bad timing. Now I'm down with tonsillitis. When I came home that night, my flagging immune system failed to quell a slight throbbing on one side of my throat. By dawn, I was burning with fever. Tsk.

Indian Jones though, was a blast. That scene --- and I hope you didn't miss what I think the director is trying to convey --- where he climbs up the mound to behold a nuclear mushroom cloud --- that was so profound; a tribute to how many years the character has seen. The mound climbing also is a proven effective medium for conveying that ominous feeling that a character is going to discover portentous. And then there's the angle of the camera that showed off effectively Indiana's size relative to the cloud. Here is a man who had piloted biplanes, who had squared off against Nazis and came out the victor --- and now he is dwarfed by the magnitude of a nuclear bomb's power. That scene for me, is the most riveting in the entire movie.

Welcome to the Nuclear Age Junior.

And welcome to the Cold War where FBI agents can pluck anyone off the streets if you so much as whisper "commie!"

Now to nuke these things that are infesting my throat...