Monday, May 26, 2008

Ad-Aware 2008 Scan Problems and Spybot Search and Destroy "" Scan Problem

Dual card.


Hmm Lavasoft had released Ad-Aware 2008 but it seems it has problems judging from the feedback of users in these threads:

I hope they solve this soon as I am quite excited to use a product by such a renowned and reliable software company. Two weeks ago I did my part in contributing to the anti-virus community in --- along with others --- reporting a false positive that was being "detected" by A-Squared Free. That problem was expediently solved by the capable programmers of Emsisoft so I'm positive that the folks there at Lavasoft will solve this one in no time at all. Once they solve this, I'll be updating my "Best Free Anti-Virus Anti-Spyware I Use" article.


There's also a problem with Spybot Search and Destroy - scanning nowadays produces this error message about halfway through the scan:

"There were problems in the include file C:\program files\spybot-search_destroy\includes See "includes error log" for details"

The problem has been plaguing me for some time now. The solution is in their site however and can be found here. I'll have to check it later. For now, work.