Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1: Another Foray into War Rock's Bullet-ridden Maps


Here's what I get for not playing this game for two weeks straight and then playing on-and-off afterwards: in one match I had a 1:4 kill-death ratio! 0_0 Tsk. Anyway, here's one of those "moments":

Three little piggies all lined up. Nah, as much as I want you to believe it to be so, I killed only two of those charging through that gap; a fellow trooper killed the first one.

Ooops. Sorry wrong multiplayer game. I suck at this. (300ms ping anyone?) Still deployable turrets, inventory stations, and mines --- not to mention jetpacks --- make this game one of a kind. Well, three actually, what with its prequels, but let me discuss that some other time. Back to the topic...

When meeting with that sexy medic date of yours, dress to impress. And make sure to use Glo metal polish. Here's War Rock's M7 combat knife with Bloom enabled. Pretty lights... can't resist...