Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My New Header: My (Unfinished) Painting

It's true what they say about riding a bicycle.

Well, it's been years since I shed my digital artist skin and entered the world of editors and writers that I often wonder if I still have the skills. Sure, I've made numerous paintings in the months before but I usually get stuck in the flat coloring phase. (It's boring and it makes drawings look dull.) Now though, my F.E.A.R. addiction got the better of me and I decided to draw a Replica Elite during the 15-minute break of my shift this day. What started as a doodle became a full-fledged mini-project when I landed home.

Pardon the lineart but it was hard to draw with only a 150-peso mouse, a 15-minute limit, and with only Paint to boot!

Here are the stages the painting went through:

5-minute office doodle using a (relatively) cr@ppy mouse and cr@ppy Paint. Tee-hee!

Lineart changed at home with a GFX tablet. (Still not a good alternative for the good ol' wooden pencil.)

Lineart further "refined" --- or what passes for refinement for this doodle lol!

First flat colors laid.

First shadows and highlights laid. Time to go though --- I'm beat. If I won't be devoured by work, I'll finish this piece. Too bad the header resolution is too big for the original though.


Sandpiper said...

Nice work!! The header looks fantastic.

Shazbot said...

Thanks! It's largely unfinished and was drawn direct to the PC (without the use of pen and paper), but ya, I'm quite pleased with it. I hope to improve in the weeks ahead.