Sunday, June 29, 2008

GeForce (Forceware) 175.19 Doesn't Detect Games

[Another "WHQL" kunuhai. Tut.]

Hmm, the rumors are true, Nvidia has dropped the "Forceware" label and has now simply named their drivers "GeForce." (Or at least they have erased the Forceware label from their driver page.) It's a bit confusing for PC beginners IMO.

Anyway, I've been using the latest 175.19 drivers for my humble Palit GeForce 7300 GT 512Mb video card and right off I noticed this bug:

Yep, that's right, no games were detected. I had to browse and add the executables for the single- and multiplayer components of F.E.A.R. myself.

Also, I'm not too sure if they really went crazy with the image quality (IQ) of this one, or maybe the "Texture Filtering" settings are simply not "sticking" --- I purposefully dumbed down settings that involved textures because of a problem I am having. I got surprised though because everytime I start the game, the textures still look sharp, which is odd, since activating all the "Texture Filtering" settings in the Nvidia Control Panel really waters down the graphical quality of one's games (and boosting performance in the process).

With version 175.16, the textures really looked dull when the said changes were applied. With this new version though, F.E.A.R. still looks good. (Well, "good" to one who has been accustomed to lowered graphical quality because his game stutters lol!)

High Performance setting applied with all Texture Filtering settings activated. Take a good look at the wall on my right. Activating High Quality in the Nvidia Control Panel (thus turning off all Texture Filtering settings) and (for good measure) resetting the game and...

... voila! No changes at all. This wasn't the case in 175.16. In that version I even exclaimed "F###! I have to wade through this ess just to eliminate stutter somewhat" the first time I activated all the Texture Filtering settings.

I'll be doing benchmarks tomorrow if time allows. Happy weekend all!