Monday, June 9, 2008

Why my BFG 6600 GT Fried

I was right.

As I suspected, a loose washer really did kill my old video card some months back and not the heat as I first thought. I cleaned my PC today and found the missing gdanged piece sitting on the bottom of my PC's case. Yati na washer.

It's just as well though, as the G73 core of my replacement card (a 7300 GT 512Mb) is more advanced --- I have noticed that bloom is more pronounced now. And the thing actually performs equally well than the BFG 6600 GT I once had so it was actually a blessing in disguise.

The washer fell from a 3-inch screw that was holding one corner of my exhaust fan. It's really strange how it twisted out of the tiny, 3-inch metal shaft on which it was attached. 0_0

Anyway, this is one thing to keep in mind --- check your screws/washers that hold your exhaust fan once a month or better yet, find some way to make them more secure. (Rubber washers? A tiny dab of instant glue that can easily be chipped away if the need arises?)


Sandpiper said...

Glad you found the problem. Usually the most irritating problems turn out to caused by the tiniest detail, so it makes it difficult to figure it out.

Shazbot said...

Thanks! Except in this case, I might have found the cause, but the effect is already irreversible --- my old videocard is now a paperweight. Its copper heatsinks are what saddens me.; such a waste.