Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Windows XP Tweaks by

UPDATED: See the bottom of the article.

Windows XP tweaks. Need I say more?

It's amazing how games that are strenuous on one's system can pry a gamer from his comfort zone and spur him to research once again on Windows XP tweaks to improve PC performance.

Here's's "Windows XP Super Tweaks." A lot of tweaks nowadays can be found in various sites but BlackViper is one of the authorities when it comes to tweaking Microsoft's highly-successful OS. The page also has an advantage over the others in that everything is on the page --- no need to download pdf files.

Take note that that site is not mine. Use the tweaks at your own risk.

UPDATE: I applied the System Restore and Indexing Service tweaks (as I also saw my friend Anjing disable the latter in another friend's computer just days ago) and I must say the changes are impressive. Hitching has been greatly minimized and I can now make like a whirling dervish in F.E.A.R. without feeling like I have attempted to pry my eyes out with a monkey wrench. I still need another gigabyte of RAM though haha!