Thursday, June 5, 2008

On-Demand Registry System Restore Freeware

(Some of my friends might have read my post about BlackViper's tweaks and disabled their System Restore. While the deactivation is more than justified, no one wants to have a PC that has no ability to make restore points. Interested? Read on!)

Something better than Windows XP's System Restore

It's called the Emergency Recovery Utility NT or ERUNT. It's free and a lot of reputable sites recommend it. Why do you need this? Well, two things:

  1. It's an "on-demand" software, meaning it doesn't do anything if you don't tell it to. Hence, it doesn't run in the background and doesn't consume system RAM.
  2. It's better than the built in System Restore Windows has. Here's Steve Bass's article about Windows' System Restore. Read the comments.

Of course, you can back up your registry using both means but it will take up a substantial amount of hard drive space (ERUNT consumes about 30-48Mb per save point) and what with System Restore's memory usage, I decided to dump the latter and use ERUNT solely.

Here's a page detailing how to use ERUNT.

Why do you need to use it? Here's a comic strip that --- lol! --- greatly illustrates the concept of save points. I also made an older (and more convoluted) explanation about the importance of the software here.

Just remember to clean out very old ERUNT restore points periodically!

Watch the dates --- if a restore point is 2-3 weeks old or more, I usually delete it. No sense in wasting hard drive space. (All the restore points in this screenshot have just been made recently though.)