Thursday, May 7, 2009

Freeware Strategy Games Update: UFO: AI April Development News

Torture I tell you. Sheer torture.

When will V2.3 of this freeware strategy game come out? This is sheer torture!

The guys at still haven't released their changelog for the April updates but they have released a series of new in-game screenshots of their turn-based freeware strategy game. It's looking awesome:

I recognize the above (I used to play this freeware strategy game before v2.2.1 but decided to quit to wait for the base attack feature); this is the level where the aliens land and attack a mini-mart. It is now showing vastly superior textures and a more vibrant color scheme. (But they still haven't gotten rid of that PHALANX weapon whose front part is a dead-ringer of the Covenant Plasma Rifle in Halo. Even my wife who's not really into games recognized the design. If the design parallelism wasn't intentional, the creators of this freeware strategy game really should change that --- it's colored blue to boot! Blue! Why not get it over with and make it purple?)

I'm very excited about this one. A snow level? Certainly, I haven't dropped any of my PHALANX troops in this one. Nice gloss effect going on in there!

Hmm. I can't make out heads and tails out of the two pics above (no higher resolutions of the pics offered). Have the aliens landed on a camping park? Or is that a busted gas pipe? The weapons carried by the PHALANX personnel here are more to my tastes.

This one takes the cake and the candles. When I saw this I was like 0_0 Nice colors, ominous shadows, superb design! (And has the transport gotten a graphics upgrade? It looks more wicked.)

>> You can download the freeware strategy game from HERE.