Friday, November 13, 2009

Downloadable PC Full Version Freeware Real-Time Strategy (RTS) League of Legends - First Victory!

So my wife was still cooking breakfast. I couldn't go back to sleep on an empty stomach. 'Decided to play a practice game online with nine other players.

So I finally got on a team where only one was feeding himself to the opposing group. We won:

I killed four enemy champions, made 12 assists and... didn't die. (Click on the pic. Check it out; 0 deaths. Way to go for a support champion.) Wooohooo! Kayle the Judicator's skills really make her one tough, metal encased mama.

The wonders of starvation I guess. :D :D :D

You rock girl.

Wanna know where you can download this free to play Warcraft DotA clone? The download link can be found after the jump.

>>> The download link and an HD trailer of the game can be found HERE

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