Thursday, November 5, 2009

Battletech - MechWarrior 4 Downloadable Full Free FPS PC Game Update

So some days back, one of my readers posted on my chatbox (about my article about MechWarrior 4 being released as a downloadable full version free PC FPS game):

I felt a bit guilty --- with the Net's history of devouring legions of freeware, chewing them up, and regurgitating them as vaporware in its deepest, darkest digital cesspool, I did throw it away as simply that, vaporware. After all, the folks at MekTek did release version 2.3 of their Assault Tech 1: Battletech project, an effort to remake MechWarrior 2. A working project where you can outfit mechs! --- this is more than good enough for me.

However, the prodding of one reader forced me from my AT 1 stupor --- I sifted around the MekTek forums and found awesome news.

What this news is after the jump.

They have a tentative release date:

It will be shortly after November 10 people! Cross your fingers that this is going to happen. Me? 'Soon as I get the funds, I'm going to donate!

And oh, thanks for the push and the shove Will! Very appreciated!