Monday, November 23, 2009

League of Legends - Wife Ownage

[Updated: Changed the title. Putting up posts when you're bleary-eyed is a bad idea.]

My friends and I played League of Legends this night. This was the first time the session was done in a cafe so we had some good fun. Add the fact that my wife killed me twice, it was a blast.

Click the pics for a more detailed view. (Read the lines haha!)

But even though the cold from your still beating heart....

...already killed me twice/And even though the cold from your eyes makes me freeze/all the time....

One more pic after the jump.

....I still carry on and/I still walk around and/I still feel the warming glow/Shining somewhere in the future, shining not so far away!

We won! Pikat to the love of my life. Beeeee! :D :D


Anonymous said...

Why is ur screenshot white? :S

Ildamos said...

There's something wrong w LoL's screenshots. I got a new PC and it's still the same. I've yet to post a query regarding this though.