Monday, August 25, 2008

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2 - The Tyranids Have Landed

It's a baby boy!

Some weeks ago, THQ released a trailer about their upcoming real-time strategy game Dawn of War 2. The trailer ended with a dying Eldar Farseer pointing at a strange cloud-like formation that was rapidly enveloping the night sky. While some fans commented that it was surely a Warp storm, the majority believed that it was the Tyranids.

See the video below:

(Video uploaded by Machinima in YouTube)

This speculation was bordering on wishful thinking as THQ has stubbornly refused to unleash the Great Devourer in any of its (no less than) three expansions for the first Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War.

Now though, Tyranid fans have been vindicated with this new updated trailer. The ending of the above video has now been changed:

Yes, IMO, Zergs are ghey.

The Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2 official site has also released several screenshots of this nomadic, world-devouring alien swarm: (All screenshots are not mine and are the property of THQ.)

Oops sorry, WRONG race. The Eldar fanboy in me haha! That's an Eldar Wraithlord exchanging blows with a Terran Dreadnought (which encases the body of a Space Marine. Hmm. That will sound familiar for fans of another strategy game. Meh.)

Gamespot have released details that just like in the tabletop strategy game that the Dawn of War series has sprung from, Tyranids rely on "Synapse creatures" to keep the otherwise unthinking, voracious Tyranid troops into an organized army. Destroying one of these creatures will result in total chaos for the swarm as they will flee or turn upon themselves.

That Space Marine must be deaf. I haven't read about Tyranid Carnifexes having an infiltration ability. The Lictors (the Tyranid that appears in the ending of the video above) however, are another story...

Waste of muscle; these things can break apart tanks.

The "Emperor's Finest" will have their power armor-encased hands full of Tyranids this 2009.

Spot the "GET OVER HERE!" moment. There's also a Hive Tyrant somewhere in this Gamespot video.


Anonymous said...

>>That will sound familiar for fans of another strategy game. Meh.

Go fuck yourself, SC2 fanboi. Blizzard ripped and stole everything from Games Workshop

Anonymous said...

Ummm "terran Dreadnought"? Wrong. You are looking at it as if Starcraft was created before 40k. which is completely wrong. Starcraft the vidya gaem came first, but most if not all of it's ideas came from warhammer 40k. And it's a Space Marine dreadnought of the Blood Ravens chapter, not a "Terran Dreadnought"

Shazbot said...

Oh, by "terran" I meant that it belongs to the humans. I am not referring to it as something from the Starcraft universe. Sorry for the confusion.

And yes, like you, I acknowledge the fact that Blizzard borrowed concepts from Warhammer 40K. If you haven't noticed, I put in there that "Zergs are ghey." I ALWAYS make it a point to my chums that Warhammer 40K came out way before Starcraft. We're on the same side; glad to see a staunch fan of the franchise!

Shazbot said...

***QUOTE***">>That will sound familiar for fans of another strategy game. Meh.

Go fuck yourself, SC2 fanboi. Blizzard ripped and stole everything from Games Workshop***UNQUOTE***

Again, I do not know how I became an "SC2 fanboi." The "meh" is there as a sarcastic remark to the SC franchise. Again, if you haven't noticed, I put in this article that (compared to Tyranids) "Zergs are ghey." I am completely perplexed why I'm receiving flak from a fellow Warhammer 40K fan.

Also, I apologize to SC fans out there; I've recently been to several Warhammer 40K forums and I found that even avid fans of the franchise do acknowledge the fact that before the Zerg came to be, Games Workshop's Tyranids were nothing like what they are now.

World of Warcraft fan said...

Everyone reads stuff from the net but no one truly comprehends :))

Shazbot said...

Sadly yes.

Though in retrospect, I think it's my fault for not stating it clearly enough. "That will sound familiar for fans of another strategy game. Meh." is confusing.

Anyway, I'm divesting myself of my anti-SC sentiments; I just looked at pre-SC era Tyranids and they are right, Blizzard AND Games Workshop did borrow several concepts from each other.

Jacob Smith said...

In order to remedy point #7 you go out into your garden and start killing bugs.

While involved in the #6 activity you yell: "Not so tough now are you, nids?!"

You plant a land mine under your bed because you are afraid that someone is going to try to decap it while you are out.

You get into an argument with your girl friend. You want to just get out of the room, but you find yourself suppressed by her banshee howling.

The batteries of your remote runs out and you sigh: "Great, now I'll have to watch this tier 1 channel until I can get more power. And I was just about to tech up to America's Top Model"

You race at full speed on your bike through a red light into a busy intersection, screaming at the top of your lungs: "My face is my shield!"

Dawn of War

Ildamos said...

What? :D What stuff are you on man? That's pretty potent stuff! :D