Thursday, August 21, 2008

FEAR - Playing at Extreme Difficulty


Man! I won't be getting tired of this game anytime soon!

The AI is just so advanced as to be jaw-dropping sometimes. Their tactics change whenever you replay a level. The second time I went through this LZ firefight, I was stuck in the room on the second floor, killing anyone who came in. This time, the AI waited below.

In this game, no firefight replays the same.

Take note of how one of the soldiers vaults over a vent and ran for cover. Those guys at Monolith (makers of the game No One Lives Forever and its sequel) ... geniuses.

(Sorry for the frames --- GameCam and other video recording software tend to be resource-hungry affairs. My gameplay is smooth when I'm not recording.)

"Take that you test tube m***f***s!" - Douglas Holiday