Sunday, August 10, 2008

Diskeeper Lite - Free Defragmenter

UPDATED: Nag screen shown. See the last picture of this article.

Given that there's a consensus that one of the best defragmenters around is Diskeeper, I tried its freeware version, Diskeeper Lite.

It's way better than the default Windows XP (SP2) defragmenter; it detected a lot of fragmented files that the default utility did not.

Here's a screenshot:

A caveat though: the "Smart Fragmentation Analysis" feature of this freeware bothers me. The freeware defragmenter, according to its "Help" manual,

periodically checks the fragmentation levels on your disk volume(s) automatically. This "smart" technology analyzes your disk volumes, and when the fragmentation increases to a sufficient level, a message is displayed reminding you to defragment the affected volume(s).

Monitoring features --- especially those that involve HDD activity --- don't sit well with me as more often than not, they tend to introduce stutter in gaming as I discussed in a previous article.

You can download the freeware HERE.

*** Warning: What follows is not something I'm recommending a reader to do. A lot of things might go wrong. This is just me being obsessive-compulsive about freeing up system RAM. Follow the procedure at your own risk. ***

While I found out after a round of gaming that this one does not affect my gaming experience in a negative way, I nonetheless took a trip to the Task Manager to see what processes Windows was running to support the feature. Sure enough I found this one:


Everytime I play resource-hungry games, I deactivate the process by selecting DKService.exe and then clicking on the "End Process" button. No worries though; it reactivates everytime I restart my PC.

The pic above is the reason why I deactivate DKService.exe when I play games. The nag screen is annoying. (It only popped up three times in the 21 or so days that I've tried it out so it's not as annoying as it sounds though.) As shown above, deactivating the said service is simplicity itself.

Diskeeper Lite; it's free and it's definitely better than the default Windows XP (SP2) defragmenter.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that you are still reviewing Diskeeper Lite here. The lite version is over a couple of years old and is slightly better than the built-in defragmenter that comes with Windows. I would suggest that you review the latest version of Diskeeper since it offers the following benefits:

1. Automatic Defragmentation
2. Better Defragmentation Engine
3. I-FAAST Technology which optimizes frequently used files.
4. Improved Free Space Consolidation
5. Frag Shield which protects fragmentation of the MFT and paging files
6. Boot time Defragmentation option which allows you to defragment system files which cannot be defragmented while Windows is running.

The new version can be downloaded from

Shazbot said...

Thank you very much for the heads-up and the lengthy (but very informative) comment. While I am well aware of the age of Diskeeper Lite, I still use this since it's free. Also this blog is dedicated to tweaks, games, and freeware. :D

I've decided to publish your comment though as various users may find the premium version attractive. Certainly, (as a gamer) I have no need --- and in fact abhor --- feature #1 but all the rest are very powerful features that user should avail of.

Thanks for the visit and the information; they're very much appreciated.