Wednesday, August 13, 2008

F.E.A.R. Screenshots Part 2


Screenshots I took using FRAPS:

Life must be hard being a Replica soldier in the employ of Armacham. You have to sleep while on your feet. While holding your rifle.

No they're not here. They're in the barn. Asleep. Like horses.

Take your time?! What do you mean take your time?! He's not getting up any time soon! And no, I didn't do that!

"Specialist my foot." You're lucky this game doesn't have friendly fire.

Look I finally have feet at last! And I can kick! I'm a real boy! (And the blood? No, I didn't do that either. Honest.)


Anonymous said...

Your photo captions are so dumb, I was compelled to post a comment on here.

Ildamos said...

"Compelled." Yep, they kind of do that to weak-willed individuals sometimes. They're powerful, these dumb captions. Sorry you fell under their thrall. I shall endeavor to create witty ones that won't accidentally ensnare future viewers; you never know when another idiot will come along.