Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Local TV Show has a Super Battle Droid!

Where the f---- do they get these m0r0|\|$?

Okay sorry for the language but what I saw --- that was the last straw. Why is it that every single d@|\/||/|ed time I watch local TV shows and movies I get a visual feast of blatant imitation designs?!

Like that time I went to see this local mech film just to promote the local film industry --- this juggernaut of a mech comes lumbering into the screen somewhere in the last part of the movie. It had superb design really.

Until it showed its backside and you see these protrusions from its back that reminded me strongly of a---

"Isn't that a character from Halo?" my wife asked, oblivious that Covenant Hunters are heavy troopers in that PC game, and not a unique character.

Great, even my wife who's not a gamer recognized the source. Why'd they have add the darned protrusions?

The source material. Heavy trooper at the far left. Looks familiar? (The pic is not mine. It was taken from HERE.) THEY COULD HAVE TWEAKED THE PROTRUSIONS A LITTLE, JUST TO DEVIATE FROM THE ABOVE SOURCE. BUT NOOOOOOO......

Now there's a robot in the local TV show that's strongly reminiscent of the Super Battle Droid of Star Wars fame.

C'mon guys we can do better than this.

Forgive the initial tirade, but this isn't a "you're hopeless" article. This is a wake up call. I know you can do it.

To uphold this saddening trend --- this is death for our reputation. Even my 13-year old brother-in-law can see the obvious imitations.

Unintentional mediocrity is one thing, intentional mediocrity arising out of recycling familiar concepts just to siphon in more cash is another --- it's an iota short of desecrating the source material.


S n a r l M K I V said...

Just goes to show that the local producers are very very hesitant in coming up with their own CREATIVE CONCEPT for a TV show or movie. All that money gone to make fools out of the ignorants. They didnt know that some of their viewers actually know crap about the crap that they're showing.

Local producers - epic phail of massive proportions

Rhilanthos said...

I don't watch local TV series for two reasons :

1) The plot (even that is recycled)
2) The acting
3) The "unlimited ammo" cheats

So now add this to the mix.

Wonder when they'll learn?