Thursday, August 28, 2008

V2.0 of Lightsmark, a Video Card Benchmark Test, Now Out

Version 2.0 of Lightsmark, a video card benchmark test, has been out for quite some time. This video card benchmark test is a

"multiplatform benchmark/demo with REALTIME GLOBAL ILLUMINATION and PENUMBRA SHADOWS"

according to the creator's site.

I have been using Lightsmark for several months in my video card benchmark tests so it's quite exciting to hear about this new version.

However, it is worth noting that the creator also stated that

"faster engine (up to 3x higher fps, so scores are different)"

so comparing video card driver performances will be inaccurate to say the least if a user compares version 2 results with older version 1 results.

The Lightsmark video in YouTube (This is still the 2007 version though; the creator chose not to update it.)