Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dox Optimized Nvidia 181.20 Video Card Graphic Driver Benchmark Software Results

WARNING: This Nvidia-based video card graphic driver is not supported by Nvidia. I will also offer no technical help if something happens to your system. Install at your own risk.

Some weeks back, some anonymous reader left a comment requesting me to benchmark Dox Optimized 181.20, a third-party Nvidia graphic driver that's tweaked for laptop users. Unfortunately, I was busy at that time with my job and the benchmarking had to wait.

Now though I've finally benchmarked the video card graphic driver and the benchmark results - from a gamer's perspective are mixed: while it shows a healthy result in Nexuiz, the performance dipped in F.E.A.R. and nosedived in Lightsmark. The weak benchmark results in the last two benchmark software though are understandable, given that the Dox Optimized 181.20 is meant for laptops while the Xtreme-G video card graphic drivers are aimed at the gaming community. Still, the Dox Optimized 181.20 doesn't disappoint as it delivers clearer image quality than older Nvidia graphic drivers. Also, it is the more streamlined one judging from the small amount of startup entries it installed:

Thanks reader - whoever you are - for giving me a heads up regarding this tweaked Nvidia-based video card graphic driver.

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CaptainD said...

Why on earth would anyone NOT want to read the opinions of a sentimental gaming geezer?!? :-D

Thanks for this, hadn't heard about it but will definitely be downloading it now! Have played C&C Red Alert 2, which was quite fun.



Shazbot said...

Wrong post Dave! :D I think you wanted to comment on my "Freeware Strategy Games Review: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Full Version" article, which is one post below this one. :D Still, thanks for dropping by and commenting! 'Very much appreciated!