Monday, February 16, 2009

Marie Digby's Rendition of Jordin Spark's "No Air"

Well this post is not about freeware strategy games but of Marie Digby's rendition of Jordin Spark's "No Air." I found it more moving than the original video - her facial expressions fit the song more. The whole performance evokes a deluge of good and bad memories of close friends --- a night at the beach with a gaggle of kids as I lit a bonfire and exchanged horror stories with a pretty neighbor, how me and a classmate made the XU library's loud study area restricted (yes, before we parted ways, anybody could just use the area without asking permission from the librarians. Sorry budding couples! :P), some Cebuana and me treading water with an inner tube one magical summer all those years ago, me mulling over a courtship gone bad over sessions of Starcraft in my uncle's short-lived cafe (back when the whole city still didn't know about the game), my wife and I hugging each other all those years ago when she was still in her teenage years, sharing tears because we thought she'd transfer to some far away province. Even though they were peppered with bad times, those were good years. :P

She rocks.